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Please familiarise yourself with the T's & C's before making a booking

Payment Terms

Payment for casual bookings must be made at the time of booking or on the day if a booking form is signed and returned to the centre.

For block bookings, each session must be paid for before that session takes place. You can also pay in advance for any of the sessions booked during your block booking at the time. Large or long-term bookings require an agreed fee upfront. A charge of 10% interest will be added to any late payments.

Payment Methods

Cash - available for all booking types

Card - available for all booking types, at the venue, in advance by calling 0333 733 1345, or at the point of booking on the website.

Cheque - available for block bookings only, made payable to 'Kick Off Sports Centre Ltd.'

Bank Transfer - by agreement to Kick Off Sports Centre Ltd, A/N 64313468, S/C 30-15-53.


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel a single session between the times of 6pm to 9pm on any day of the week, we require 5 days notice for casual bookings, 6 days notice for short-term (1-10 weeks) block bookings, or 14 days notice for long-term (11+ weeks) block bookings.

If you wish to cancel a single session between the times of 8am- 6pm, or one of the 9pm slots, on any day of the week, we require 2 days notice for casual bookings, 6 days notice for short-term (1-10 weeks) block bookings, or 14 days notice for long-term (11+ weeks) block bookings.

Cancellations should be made via text to 0777 33 444 55, or via email Exception dates stated will also be honoured. If more than 2 cancellations per 10 sessions in a block booking occur, the management may cancel your block booking agreement.  

Bookings cancelled by the hirer outside the required notice period will be liable for payment for the full cost of the session (at current website rate) if the slot was unable to be re-sold to general public. All efforts will be made by the management to re-sell the cancelled slot.

If the hirer just fails to turn up for a session without any notification you will be liable for full payment on the session (at current website rate).

If you wish to end a short-term (1-10 weeks) block booking agreement early, we require 2 weeks written notice. If you wish to end a long-term (11+ weeks) block booking agreement early, we require 3 weeks written notice. You will be charged for any booking during the notice period, unless a replacement booker can be found.


We advise all users of the facility to play their activity with safety and care in and around the fences.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to provide a first aid kit & cover. Kick Off Sports do not commit to having a first aider on site. The hirer may, on occasions, have use of the pitch without a member of staff being present.


The manager has the right to refuse any application without having to give any reason for such refusal.

The centre reserves the right to amend these conditions and regulations at any time without prior notice.

Period of Hiring

Dates and times of hire required must be clearly stated on the booking form.

All areas must be fully vacated prior to the completion of the period of hiring.

Any damage caused to the facility or its equipment by the booking party before, during or after the booking session shall be billed to the lead booker.

During the period of hiring the hirer is to be responsible for:

   The efficient supervision of the area.

   The effective control and care of any present children associated to the group.

   The preservation of good order and decency in the area.

Statutory Requirements

The hirer must not commit or permit any act that may constitute a breach of any statutory requirement affecting the centre, or which may invalidate in whole or in part any insurance effected in respect of the centre.


  • Food is not permitted within any area of the pitch.

  • Absolutely no smoking in any area of the pitch or compound seating areas.

  • Any person that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or intoxicated will be refused access/entry to the site.

  • It is the lead bookers responsibility to inform all of their group that they play on the facility at their own risk and are responsible for their own actions.


Agreement Personal to the Hirer

Bookers are responsible for providing their own Public Liability insurance and first aid equipment.

The benefit of the agreement is personal to the hirer and is not assignable or capable of being sub-hired unless agreed with the centre management.


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