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Kick Off Sports Astroturf Football Pitch Hire at Willen Lake, Milton Keynes.
Facility Management - Milton Keynes


KICK OFF SPORTS provide a complete sports facility management solution, serving local authorities, clubs, schools and organisations.


Our management solution is suitable for both new and existing sites. We work in a professional but friendly manner, with over 20 years of experience within the sports industry.  Kick Off Sports is recognised locally and has long been part of the community. As a result, we are able to successfully engage with many local contacts. As well as managing the venue, our experienced team ensure full marketing & promotion, maximising facility usage with a variety of users and a range of activities. We focus on service, working with local organisations and sports groups, which assists these organisations in their goal of running their own sports projects, sessions or programmes at our venues.


We work with national sports organisations that meet the criteria of providing our community with the correct type of activity that is required. We have also demonstrated at our venues across Milton Keynes and Luton that we bring a variety of our own sport and leisure activities already set up under the Kick Off Sports umbrella.


Our separate not-for-profit organisation is also in place to help new local sports projects, and to encourage people to play both new and established sports. Our links and partnerships with current sports organisations allow us to partner up and utilise facilities, even before our marketing and promotional strategies take effect.

Contact us now to see if we can help you with management of your facility.

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