Essentra Tournament.



1.Games will be in 25 minute blocks, with no half time.

2. There will be no offsides.

3. Players may shoot from ALL free-kick situations.

4. Sliding is not permitted.

5. Players must retreat 4 YARDS for all kicks (where fence/markings allow).

6. Play will continue should the ball hit the fence or netting.

7. Substitutions can be made at any time, provided that the ball is not at risk of leaving the playing area as a result, the referee must be informed of any substitutions.

8. A player being substituted must leave the playing area BEFORE his replacement enters.

9. Violation of rules 7 or 8 (above) will result in a free kick to the opposition from the centre spot (or nearer, if a significant advantage is lost).

10. The referee may stop play and award a drop ball in the case of the ball being held against the fence or in the corners.

11. Players from either team can enter either penalty area, players can score inside the opponents area.

12. The back pass rule will apply, if a goal keeper handles a back pass an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opponents.

13. Goal keepers can come out of the area.

Goal keepers cannot slide in with their feet whilst making a save, only there hands or body.

14. All players are asked to respect their opponents and play safely in particular, near the fences.

15. All players and spectators are asked to respect the referees, they are volunteering to referee, to make this tournament possible. 

16. VAR will not be in operation for today's tournament. 

17. All players play at their own risk! 

18. Group matches are based on the following: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for  a defeat.

19. Both team captains are responsible for reporting the result to our information window allowing us to update the tables.


-A yellow card will also carry the punishment of 2 minutes in the sin bin.

-A red card will see the offending team be reduced by a player for the remainder of the game.

-Any form of voilent conduct will result in an immediate ban from the tournament.


-All referee decisions on the field of play are final.

-All league management decisions, without exception, are final.