Corporate Sports Day

KOS Sack Race.jpeg
Sack Race
KOS Egg and Spoon Race.png
Egg & Spoon Race
KOS 3 Legged Race.jpg
3-Legged Race
KOS Wheelbarrow Race.jpg
Wheelbarrow Race

Book your CLASSIC SPORTS DAY with Kick Off Sports. Featuring up to 8 games a group of 10 or more can enjoy reminiscing on their childhood for just £14.99 per person. This price includes 1 hour of activities. An extra 30 minutes can be purchased for just £6 per person. 

A 1 hour session will feature 4-6 games, with the 90 minute session including 6-8 games.

KOS Ball in Leg Race.jpg
Ball-in-Leg Race
KOS Welly Wanging.jpg
Welly Wanging
KOS Tug of War.jpg
KOS Obstacle Race.jpg
Obstacle Race